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RSC Applied Polymers has published its first articles. To celebrate this, we asked the authors of our first 50 articles, to discuss their work in some more detail.

In this edition, we hear from Dr Calum Ferguson, at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, about their study entitled ‘Comonomer effects in vinyl based photocatalytic polymers’


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Dr Calum Ferguson

Dr Calum Ferguson



Calum Ferguson obtained an integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh in 2013. After a short time working in industry at Syngenta, he moved to the University of Leeds and was awarded his PhD in 2018. After completing his doctoral studies, he joined the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (Mainz, Germany) initially as a PostDoc in 2018 and then was promoted to group leader in 2020. He returned to the UK in April 2022, whilst retaining his position in Germany, and joined the O’Reilly group at the University of Birmingham as a group leader. In 2022, he was named a Nanoscale Emerging Investigator for his work on photocatalytic polymers, and in 2023, he was selected as an ACS Future Faculty Scholar.









Comonomer effects in vinyl based photocatalytic polymers.

Thomas Kuckhoff, Julian Heuer, Rong Li, Kai A. I. Zhang, Katharina Landfester and Calum T. J. Ferguson.

RSC Appl. Polym., 2024, Advance Article. DOI: 10.1039/D3LP00162H






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