Hear from our authors: Rubayn Goh and co-workers

RSC Applied Polymers has published its first articles. To celebrate this, we asked the authors to discuss their work in some more detail.


In this edition, we hear from Rubayn Goh and co-workers about their study entitled Recent advances in thermogels for the management of diabetic ocular complications.

From left to right: Jun Jie Chang, Rubayn Goh, Nicholas Wei Xun Ong, Belynn, Xian Jun Loh and Joey Hui Min Wong


“The prevalence of diabetic ocular complications is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Minimally invasive injectable hydrogels can serve as ocular drug delivery systems, biocompatible vitreous substitutes, and shape-conformable implants. We hope this review will convince people of the potential thermoresponsive hydrogels (thermogels) can serve to improve therapeutics for ocular diseases.”


“This article highlights the key advantages of thermogels as an attractive system suitable for biomedical applications. Due to their ease of application, minimal invasiveness, in situ gelation at physiological temperatures, high biocompatibility, and tailorable properties, it makes it a suitable drug depot or scaffold for ocular therapeutics.”


“When fabricating thermogels as drug delivery depots, interactions between specific drugs and polymers would have a large impact on the release kinetics – this provides an opportunity for tunable injectable delivery systems. Ongoing work in fine-tuning and balancing opacity and drug interactions in thermogels will greatly benefit ocular drug delivery systems.”


“In light of the potential of thermogels for biomedical applications, we believe further research would help advance more thermogel systems into clinical applications.”


“We hope this review will inspire and provide valuable insights for the research community working on injectable hydrogels, drug delivery systems, and ocular disease treatments.”


Want to know more about their work? Read the full paper here!


Recent advances in thermogels for the management of diabetic ocular complications

Nicholas Wei Xun Ong, Belynn Sim, Jun Jie Chang, Joey Hui Min Wong, Xian Jun Loh and Rubayn Goh

RSC Appl. Polym. 2023, Advance Article, DOI: 10.1039/D3LP00136A



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