Hear from our authors: David Mecerreyes

RSC Applied Polymers has published its first articles. To celebrate this, we asked the authors to discuss their work in some more detail.


In this edition, we hear from David Mecerreyes about their study entitled Poly(ionic liquid)s having coumarate counter-anions as corrosion inhibitors in acrylic UV coatings.


“We present high performance polymeric corrosion inhibitors against stainless steel. The success of these materials is to combine small molecular weight coumarate ions known by its anti-corrosion effect and poly(ionic liquid)s known by their beneficial surface interactions. In our article, we show the synthesis and the electrochemical characterization of the polymeric corrosion inhibitors.”



“One of the issues of small molecular weight corrosion inhibitors is leaching from the coatings and their loss of performance with time. The role of the polymer is to prevent the leaching of the corrosion inhibitor and to improve its adhesion to the surface thus improving the anti-corrosion behavior over time.”


“This article highlights the benefits of poly(ionic liquid)s and coumarate ions as corrosion inhibitors. It shows the potential of polymeric corrosion inhibitors.”


“Our next steps are to improve corrosion inhibition efficiency and to include the polymers in different coating materials such as epoxy coatings, acrylic UV-coatings and polyurethanes. We would like also to apply our polymers to inhibit the corrosion of different metals. We are actually investigating different poly(ionic liquid)s, conducting polymers and bio based ions as polymeric corrosion inhibitors.”


“We hope this publication convince people to the potential of polymers to combat corrosion and contributes to the research activities into this technological relevant area.”


Want to know more about their work? Read the full paper here!

Poly(ionic liquid)s having coumarate counter-anions as corrosion inhibitors in acrylic UV coatings

Daniela Minudri, Anthony Somers, Nerea Casado, Maria Forsyth and David Mecerreyes

RSC Appl. Polym. 2023, 1, 55-63, DOI: 10.1039/D3LP00017F



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