First issue of RSC Applied Polymers has been published

The first issue of RSC Applied Polymers is here, featuring innovative research in polymer science, plus an editorial from our editor-in-chief, Emily Pentzer.

Every article is free to read because RSC Applied Polymers is a gold open access journal.

Introducing RSC Applied Polymers
Emily Pentzer
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 8-9

High-performance polyimine vitrimers from an aromatic bio-based scaffold
Kevin A. Stewart, Jacob J. Lessard, Alexander J. Cantor, John F. Rynk, Laura S. Bailey and Brent S. Sumerlin
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 10-18

Matrix metalloproteinase responsive hydrogel microplates for programmed killing of invasive tumour cells
Alexander B. Cook, Annalisa Palange, Michele Schlich, Elena Bellotti, Sayanti Brahmachari, Martina di Francesco and Paolo Decuzzi
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 19-29

Dynamic polymer nanocomposites towards strain sensors and customizable resistors
Obed J. Dodo, Ibrahim O. Raji, Ian J. Arny, Camryn P. Myers, Leilah Petit, Kumari Walpita, Derrick Dunn, Carl J. Trasher and Dominik Konkolewicz
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 30-45

Regulating the preparation of antibacterial poly(amidoxime) for efficient uranium extraction from seawater
Xue Zhang and Dadong Shao
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 46-54

Poly(ionic liquid)s having coumarate counter-anions as corrosion inhibitors in acrylic UV coatings
Daniela Minudri, Anthony Somers, Nerea Casado, Maria Forsyth and David Mecerreyes
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 55-63

Multifunctional MXene/PAA organohydrogel as a flexible strain sensor for wearable human–machine interaction
Ning Ding, Yan Bai, Yuhui Feng, Xiang Zou, Yuzhe Chen, Shuaihang Bi, Shujuan Liu, Weiwei Zhao and Qiang Zhao
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 64-72

Influence of post-processing on the properties of 3D-printed poly(propylene fumarate) star polymer hydroxyapatite nanocomposites
Taylor R. Klein, Alina Kirillova, Ken Gall and Matthew L. Becker
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 73-81

Functionalized cellulose monolith based affinity chromatography columns for efficient separation of protein molecules
Yusuke Hinamoto, Akihide Sugawara, Taka-Aki Asoh, Mahasweta Nandi and Hiroshi Uyama
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 82-96

Fabrication of PANI/MWCNT supercapacitors based on a chitosan binder and aqueous electrolyte for enhanced energy storage
Ezgi Inci Yesilyurt, Jürgen Pionteck, Frank Simon and Brigitte Voit
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 97-110

Experimental and computational studies on the effects of C(2) methylation on the properties and gas separation performance of polyimide-ionene membranes
Grayson P. Dennis, Kathryn E. O’Harra, Xiaoyang Liu, Enrique M. Jackson, C. Heath Turner and Jason E. Bara
RSC Appl. Polym., 2023, 1, 111-122

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