Introducing Emily Pentzer – Inaugural Editor-in-Chief of RSC Applied Polymers

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Emily Pentzer is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. Her research centres on developing new polymeric materials and assemblies as a route to understanding structure-property-application relationships and access functions not possible with current state-of-the-art systems. Her group works on the encapsulation of “active” liquids and gases, designing and synthesizing new polymer chemistries, and developing feedstocks for additive manufacturing to produce multifunctional materials.


She received a Young Investigator Award from the Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE) Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in 2017, the Rising Star Award in 2019 from the ACS Women’s Chemist Committee, and the Faculty Diversity Excellence Award from Case Western Reserve University in 2019. She was named a Texas A&M Presidential Impact Fellow in 2021 and a finalist for the Blavatnik Award in physical sciences and engineering in 2022. She has served as an Associate Editor for Polymer Chemistry since 2015.


Read some of her recent papers below:


Electrically conductive porous Ti3C2Tx MXene-polymer composites from high internal phase emulsions (HIPEs)

Huaixuan Cao, Yifei Wang, Anubhav Sarmah, Kai-Wei Liu, Zeyi Tan, Kailash Dhondiram Arole, Jodie L. Lutkenhaus, Miladin Radovic, Micah J. Green, Emily B. Pentzer

2D Mater. 2022, 9, 044004


Polymer particles armored with cobalt oxide nanosheets for the catalytic degradation of bisphenol A

Maria Escamilla, Kevin Pachuta, Kuan Huang, Michael Klingseisen, Huaixuan Cao, Huichun Zhang, Alp Sehirlioglu and Emily Pentzer

Mater. Adv. 2022, 3, 2354-2363


Inter-capsule fusion and capsule shell destruction using dynamic covalent polymers

Yifei Wang, Khamila Quevedo and Emily Pentzer

Polym. Chem. 2021, 12, 2695-2700


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