ICM Co-organized APCIL-8 Session 10 “International Outstanding Young Scholar Symposium on ILs and Green Processes”

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In May 2024, the 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Ionic Liquids and Green Processes (APCIL-8) was held in Kaifeng, China, with the theme “Ionic Liquids Creating New Future, Low Carbon Innovation Contributing to Green World.” Industrial Chemistry & Materials (ICM) co-organized the conference.

ICM spearheaded the planning and organization of session 10, the “International Outstanding Young Scholar Symposium on ILs and Green Processes.” This session brought together 30 distinguished young experts from around the world, including Dr. Liang Zhao (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), Dr. Kazuhiko Matsumoto (Kyoto University, Japan), Dr. Jason Chun-Ho Lam (City University of Hong Kong, China), Dr. Ruwei Chen (University College London, UK), Dr. Xu Hou (Xiamen University, China), Dr. Kosuke Kuroda (Kanazawa University, Japan), Dr. Jieshan Qiu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China), Dr. Zongbi Bao (Zhejiang University, China), Dr. Linbing Sun (Nanjing Tech University, China), and Dr. Junli Ren (South China University of Technology, China). Their presentations showcased latest innovative research and fostered rich discussions on green innovation.

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