Meet the Editors | ICM Celebrates First Anniversary with Successful Frontier Forum

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On April 11, 2024, Industrial Chemistry & Materials (ICM) marked its first anniversary with a successful online forum and Meet the Editors event in China. Editor-in-Chief Professor Suojiang Zhang opened the event, highlighting ICM’s mission and achievements. Associate Editor Professor Quanhong Yang and Professor Tierui Zhang, along with eight other top scholars, shared the latest research advancements and answered audience questions.

The forum, hosted by Professors Jieshan Qiu, Yuen Wu, and Jianxin Zou, was streamed live on multiple platforms, garnering over 65,000 views and enthusiastic interactions from viewers.

Thanks to all the scholars for their support as ICM’s editorial board members, authors, reviewers, and readers throughout this past year. ICM remains dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research and application-oriented studies, and looks forward to future academic exchange events.