Open for submissions – A collection of articles on dense networks and low-cost sensors, including work presented at ASIC 2022

Environmental Science: Atmospheres invites your high-impact research for our upcoming themed collection on dense networks and low-cost sensors.

For over a decade the advent of low-cost sensors has promised a paradigm shift in the way air pollution is measured. Although the full potential of these devices may not yet have been realised, a significant amount of work has now been done to demonstrate their capabilities. In contrast to the traditional model of air pollution monitoring, advances have predominantly come from novel software developments instead of hardware. From how to operate dense networks of devices to enhancing the information content of sensor data and making measurements in previously difficult to access environments (e.g. residential properties), the field of low-cost sensors for atmospheric measurements is a rapidly developing and exciting area of research.

Guest Editors:  R. Subramanian, Albert Presto, Peter Edwards, Mei Zheng

Submission deadline: 30th November 2022

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