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Tri-Institutional Chemical Biology Symposium

RSC Chemical Biology is proud to be sponsoring the 16th Annual Tri-Institutional Chemical Biology Symposium, which will take place virtually on the 1st of September, 2020, 09:00-18:30 EDT.

This event showcases research at the forefront of chemical biology, and is sponsored and organized by the Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology (TPCB), a joint graduate program of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University, and Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.

Register for this free event here by the 28th of August 2020

Undergraduate students interested in chemical biology are especially encouraged to attend.

Poster submissions are welcomed from all attendees, including early college high school students, undergraduates, postbaccalaureate students, research assistants and technicians, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, and faculty. Posters will be presented live by video in parallel meeting rooms, and judged by TPCB faculty members and keynote speakers for a selection of poster awards sponsored by TPCB and their promotional partners, including RSC Chemical Biology, Chemical Science and Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

For more information, please visit the Tri-Institutional Chemical Biology Symposium event page.

TPCB has been strongly committed to diversity and inclusion since its inception. It welcomes scientists from underrepresented minority groups and disadvantaged backgrounds, and those with disabilities.  It does not tolerate racism, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. All attendees are expected to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct throughout the symposium.


RSC Desktop Seminar – 28 August 2020: featuring RSC Chemical Biology Editors Seung Bum Park, Anna Rulka and Hiroaki Suga

RSC Desktop Seminars are a new initiative from the Royal Society of Chemistry to bring cutting-edge research directly to you.

Now, more than ever, there is a crucial need for sharing research, and Executive Editor Anna Rulka of new journal RSC Chemical Biology is delighted to present Hiroaki Suga, Chair of the Editorial Board, and Seung Bum Park, Associate Editor to share their research with you.

RSC Desktop Seminar, hosted by RSC Chemical Biology: Register now

28 August 2020 16:00-17:30, JST, KST (UTC+09:00), 08:00-09:30, BST (UTC+01:00)

  • Opening remarks
  • Professor Seung Bum Park: ​“FITGE (Fluorescence difference In Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis) – based Target Identification: New Tools in Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery” – with Q&A
  • Dr Anna Rulka: RSC Chemical Biology: an innovative home for breakthrough discoveries”
  • Professor Hiroaki Suga: “The next generation of RaPID (Random nonstandard Peptide Integrated Discovery) display” – with Q&A
  • Open discussion and Q&A for any of the talks
  • Closing remarks


Seung Bum Park
Seoul National University, South Korea
Associate Editor, RSC Chemical Biology

Seung Bum Park is Professor of the Chemistry Department and Director of the CRI Center for Chemical Proteomics at Seoul National University. He is an alumnus of Yonsei, Texas A&M and Harvard universities, and founded the bio-venture SPARK Biopharma, Inc in 2016. His research interests include molecular diversity, fluorescent bioprobes, phenotypic screening, and target identification for drug discovery targeting protein-protein interaction.

Scientific talk: FITGE (Fluorescence difference In Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis) – based Target Identification: New Tools in Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery


Hiroaki Suga
University of Tokyo, Japan
Editorial Board Chair, RSC Chemical Biology
Hiroaki Suga is Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science in the University of Tokyo and a founder of PeptiDream Inc. Tokyo. He is an alumnus of Okayama University and MIT, and his research interests are in the field of bioorganic chemistry, chemical biology and biotechnology related to RNA, translation, and peptides. He has received many awards, most recently a Humboldt Research Award in 2020.
Scientific talk: The next generation of RaPID (Random nonstandard Peptide Integrated Discovery) display

We hope that you can join us for this exciting event.