Updates to RSC Free Access Content

From 5th January 2012, RSC Publishing customers and users of scientific research content will be able to access the following free content through the RSC Publishing Platform:

Who can access this free content?

All users of RSC content including:

  • RSC Publishing Platform personal account holders
  • Librarians’ Portal account holders
  • RSC Members
  • RSC Publishing customers and users
    • Institutions and organisations on trial and who have registered IP addresses with us  
    • Previous customers who access purchase content like RSC Journals Archive and RSC eBooks
    • Previous customers who access journal content for the years they have subscribed to.

With the amends to the RSC free access content, we have also launched a new RSC Journals Archive, which will cover content from 1841 to 2007.

An RSC Member looking to access RSC Publishing content?

Login to the RSC Publishing Platform using the 3rd option ‘Login with your subscriber username and password’ link
GO TO http://pubs.rsc.org/en/account/logon 

For technical queries, quoting reference P10137 please
EMAIL technicalsupport@rsc.org

Current and Past Customers

The below describes the content that current and past RSC Publishing customers maintain access to, in addition to the free access content highlighted above:

For technical queries, quoting reference P10137 please
EMAIL technicalsupport@rsc.org

For customer account queries, quoting reference P10137 please
EMAIL salessupport@rsc.org

For any member queries, please
EMAIL membership@rsc.org

For any sales queries, quoting reference P10137 please
EMAIL sales@rsc.org

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26 Responses to “Updates to RSC Free Access Content”

  1. Angel Tlapanco says:

    Thanks for the page

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  2. RC Mishra says:

    Thank for the update!

    RC Mishra,
    GA, USA

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  3. Ganesh Karuppasamy says:

    It is useful to everybody.Thank you for the service..

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  4. mamamd2 says:

    I really appreciate your effort to make a user friendly site.
    I am a M.S student at Amirkabir university of Technology(AUT) and during my research there is a great need of new articles, but unfortunately I can not afford buying these articles.
    It would be your generosity if there are more free-articles.
    Mohamad Hasan Mohamadzadeh

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  5. patrick DJONWOUO says:


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  6. Luis Castro Solla says:

    Congratulations for the splendid work of RSC, and thank you for making a good part of it available to all for free.
    All the best

    Luis Castro Solla
    Lisbon, Portugal

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  7. Serdar says:

    hi ewerybody….

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  8. Omar Hassan Omar says:

    very good!!!
    thanks, all the best
    Bari Italy

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  9. neelima says:

    thanks for the update

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  10. Chongtai says:

    Thanks for the update

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  11. Klaas-Jan Holwerda says:

    Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

    Klaas- Jan Holwerda
    Leeuwarden – Holland

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  12. Karanth V says:

    Thank you very much for the free contents.

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  13. N Cade says:

    I see you have removed free access to journals between 1997 and 2007. As neither myself nor my employer have £7000 a year to spare. My access to RSC journals is severely curtailed.
    Considering the cost of the annual subscription to the RSC this is not a good level of free access to the RSC journals.
    N Cade

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  14. İbrahim Ender Mülazımoğlu says:

    Thanks for the update…

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  15. Yan Zhang says:

    It is useful to everybody.Thank you for the service

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  16. Saji K Jose says:

    Congratulations for the splendid work of RSC, and thank you for making a good part of it available to all for free.It will help many
    All the best

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  17. Saji K Jose says:

    Thank you very much

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  18. AAGPWiraguna says:

    Thanks for the update

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  19. Dear Nigel

    Thank you so much for your feedback. Due to the continued customer feedback relating to the overlap of content with RSC free access content and the product – RSC Journals Archive, we have now reviewed this content to better suit our customers’ needs.

    The original inclusion of journal articles from the years of 1997 – 2007 will now no longer be available on the free access content model as these overlapped with the RSC Journals Archive. To counteract this update, we will continue to give free access to articles by making the first issue of each volume of RSC journals dating back to 2000 available. This gives our customers and users continued access to high impact scientific research content through IP registration, RSC membership and an RSC Publishing Platform account.

    Rich Blount will be contacting you directly about this and see if there any consortia deals which you may benefit from or if he can help further.



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  20. s c agarwal says:


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  21. [...] in 2012, your article is free to access forever*? The Royal Society of Chemistry has updated its free access content, meaning that all of RSC Advances’ articles published in 2011 and 2012 will be free to [...]

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  22. LA Hulbert says:

    New definitions of the words like forever, in perpetuity, endlessly, and always now mean until the owner changes his/her mind. October 26 2011 the Society “announced that its world-famous historical journal archive – which includes the first ever peer-reviewed scientific journal – has been made permanently free to access online.”

    Libraries everywhere made the titles available to their users through their catalogs and A to Z lists and now – OH, OOPS, all gone! Oh except for one title. Thanks very much.

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    When things fail don’t go blue. Just pray and say I most certainly will complete. Never forget God Loves You!…

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  24. Excellent news. Thank you for update!

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  25. koffi meyer says:

    thanks the update is timely

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