LOC paper on a smartphone-based RDT reader platform in the press

Integrated Rapid-Diagnostic-Test Reader Platform on a CellphoneAnother paper from Lab on a Chip has recently been causing a stir in the scientific press – this time from Aydogan Ozcan, from UCLA, and colleagues.  The device they have designed is a reader platform for Rapid-Diagnostic-Tests (RDTs) which is utilises the imaging and processing capabilities of a smartphone to avoid manual diagnosis errors.  The platform can read multiple RDTs, and the authors hope that it will help track emerging epidemics worldwide, by enabling easy sharing of results via programs such as Google Maps.

Take a look at the news stories in R&D mag, CNET and PhysOrg for interviews with Aydogan Ozcan and the UCLA website for a neat video on the research.

Integrated Rapid-Diagnostic-Test Reader Platform on a Cellphone
Onur Mudanyali, Stoyan Dimitrov,  Uzair Sikora,  Swati Padmanabhan,  Isa Navruz and Aydogan Ozcan
DOI: 10.1039/C2LC40235A

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5 Responses to “LOC paper on a smartphone-based RDT reader platform in the press”

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  5. Marco says:

    It is one of those things which make sense, thanks for covering this!

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