Single-crystal study on brownmillerite type frameworks

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Werner Paulus and colleagues report on studies into low temperature oxygen mobility in terms of anisotropic oxygen in brownmillerite type frameworks.  By using a floating zone method they were able to optimise the paramaters so as to obtain large and homogenous crystals of CaFeO2.5 that were essential for detailed structural and lattic dynamic studies.  Understanding oxygen mobility in non-stoichiometric perovskites will aid the development of electrolytes in solid-oxide fuel cells which currently work at high temperatures but low temperature conditions would be preferable.

Typical CaFeO2.5 crytals obtained in this study were 120 mm long and had a shiny, silver-blck surface with metallic luster.

Typical CaFeO2.5 crystals obtained in this study were 120 mm long and had a shiny, silver-black surface with metallic luster.

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Growth and characterization of large high quality brownmillerite CaFeO2.5 single crystals
Monica Ceretti, Andrea Piovano, Alain Cousson, Tanguy Berthier, Martin Meven, Giovanni Agostini, Jurg Schefer, Olivier Hernandez, Carlo Lamberti and Werner Paulus
CrystEngComm, 2012
DOI: 10.1039/C2CE25413A

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