Our most popular advances in 2022

We are delighted to share with you the most popular advances published in Energy Advances so far in 2022. Congratulations to all of the authors whose articles are featured below!

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and is committed to assessing research outputs in a fair and balanced manner. One of the tools we can use to do this is Altmetrics, which provide a range of article-level metrics, for example citations and social media mentions, and assign an overall Altmetric score to measure the impact that each individual paper has. This is what we have used to gauge the most ‘talked about’ articles and we also wanted to highlight the top three downloaded articles that Energy Advances has published so far.

Top 3 most talked about articles

Technological innovation vs. tightening raw material markets: falling battery costs put at risk by Lukas Mauler et al.

Assessing the effect of surface states of mesoporous NiO films on charge transport and unveiling an unexpected light response phenomenon in tandem dye-sensitized solar cells by Haining Tian et al.

Dynamic acoustic emission analysis of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by M.-O. Coppens, D. J. L. Brett et al.

Top 3 most downloaded articles

Production of jet fuel-range hydrocarbon biofuel by hydroxyalkylation–alkylation of furfural with 2-methylfuran and hydrodeoxygenation of C15 fuel precursor over a Ni/γ-Al2O3 catalyst: a reaction mechanism by Sunil K. Maity et al.

Low-temperature annealed methylammonium-free perovskites prepared under ambient conditions in C electrode-based perovskite solar cells by Maria Bidikoudi, Elias Stathatos et al.

A sulfonated polyethylene–styrene cation exchange membrane: a potential separator material in vanadium redox flow battery applications by Rajaram K Nagarale et al.

The team at Energy Advances is looking forward to publishing more exciting work that gets people talking, thinking and collaborating. Could your paper be featured in our next popular advances roundup?

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