Announcing launch of Release 4.1.0 of RSC Publishing Platform

New functionality:

Home Page:

  • New simplified design, featuring books and journals tab.
  • A new menu option named “More” is added to give access to other content types.
  • Compound search (redirected to ChemSpider).
  • News feeds from improved blog site based on improved blogging service.

Journal Landing page:

  • New issue navigation.
New browse navigation for issues

Search Results:

  • New tab named “Non-RSC Articles” is added to display A&I content from RSC databases
  • Search term is retained in URL, e.g.
  • Book and Chapter landing pages:

    • Related Articles section improved.

    Librarian portal:

    • Design Change.
    • Open URL configuration.

    Article landing page:

    • Design Change.
    • Open URL links implemented for Books and Journals (Non-RSC content to follow).
    • Related Articles section improved

    User Profile:

    • Page to edit librarian details.

    Article collection landing page:

    • Design change.

    New pages:

    • Page for federated access.

    Issues Resolved:

    • In IE6 some pages such as Chapter landing page, edit librarian details right hand side navigation region was broken.
    • Author Character Mapping broken in RIS Format.
    • User was not able to submit the form due to wrong country field validation.
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    2 Responses to “Announcing launch of Release 4.1.0 of RSC Publishing Platform”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Why did you implement this slower-loading, harder-to-search interface? The previous design worked fine. I don’t care about pretty interfaces, I care about quickly and easily navigating to the article referenced in a hardcopy publication that I am reading. This new interface fails at that simple task. Go to the American Chemical Society journals webpage and notice how they load quickly and have an easy way to type in the volume and page of a citation that one is searching for. Implement this rather than extraneous “content”. Thank you.

    2. Thanks for your comments about the site. We have implemented a number of ways to get to a reference from the hard copy: (1) By an ‘Article Finder’ available from most journal pages, where you type in a journal name, add a year and page number to get directed to the article (2) The ability to browse through a ‘tree’ of the journal issues (on the journal plages where you see a [+] next to a journal name this is the start of an expanding browse of the content: click on the [+] to select year, then issue).

      The platform is slow at the moment and we are working daily on optimising the system for speed, with some success. This new web platform is a complete relaunch of article delivery and we have a complex system to optimise, so thank you for bearing with us while we are doing this.

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