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One-day Symposium for RSC Sustainability


On 6th October, the Editorial Board of RSC Sustainability hosted a one-day symposium at Burlington House.

The event was a great success and featured presentations from both the Editorial Board and invited speakers. The talks covered a wide breadth of topics around developing sustainable technologies and finding cleaner chemical solutions. The day featured exciting discussions, network opportunities and engagement between the Editorial Board, invited speakers and delegates.

Check out some images of the day below!


Calling all young scientists! Share your ideas on how the chemical sciences can lead the stewardship of Earth’s resources in the IOCD & RSC annual essay competition!

The International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD) and the Royal Society of Chemistry are excited to collaborate in launching an annual essay competition, focusing on the role of the chemical sciences in sustainability. The theme for 2023 is “How can the chemical sciences lead the stewardship of the Earth’s element resources?”.

The competition is open globally to entrants under 35, providing a unique opportunity for young scientists and researchers to showcase their ideas and contribute to the important conversation on sustainability. The winning entries will be published in RSC Sustainability, providing a platform for the authors to share their work with a global audience and make a real-world impact.

Sustainability is a pressing issue that affects us all, and the chemical sciences have a vital role to play in addressing it. The chemical industry has the potential to drive innovation and develop new technologies that can help us make the transition to a more sustainable future. However, it is essential that these developments are guided by a responsible and ethical approach that takes into account the long-term impact on the planet and its resources.

The theme of this year’s competition, “How can the chemical sciences lead the stewardship of the Earth’s element resources?”, is particularly relevant in light of the growing demand for resources such as metals and minerals. The competition encourages young scientists to think about the challenges and opportunities that this presents and to explore ways in which the chemical sciences can help to ensure that these resources are used in a responsible and sustainable way.

We encourage all young scientists and researchers who are passionate about sustainability to submit an entry to the competition. The deadline for submissions is 31st March 2023. Further information on entering the competition can be found here.