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Announcing a themed collection on sustainable advanced and multifunctional polymer-based materials

We are delighted to announce a themed collection arising from Symposium N – “Sustainable advanced and multifunctional polymer based materials for sensor and actuators, energy and environmental applications” – at E-MRS Fall Meeting.

Two RSC journals, RSC Sustainability and RSC Applied Polymers, welcome submissions on the following topics:

  • New advanced sustainable materials processable by additive manufacturing
  • Advanced materials based on piezoelectric materials for sensors/actuators and biomedical application.
  • Membranes for environmental remediation.
  • Advances composites for thermochromic and thermoelectric materials
  • Binary and ternary composites for energy harvesting and storage.
  • Novel approaches for porous lightweight materials
  • Multifunctional coatings for self-sensing, self-cleaning and self-healing applications
  • Sustainable materials for printed electronics
  • Advanced magnetically responsive multifunctional materials
  • Sustainable composites based on natural and biopolymers.
  • Advanced characterization techniques for these materials, including in situ and operando techniques.

RSC Sustainability is a dedicated forum for scientists developing new sustainable technologies, or finding cleaner chemical solutions. The journal welcomes research from all subject areas that are dedicated to solving sustainability challenges for a better, greener future.

RSC Applied Polymers is a journal focused on the application of polymers, both natural and synthetic, including experimental and computational studies. The journal serves as a premier cross-disciplinary platform for scientific research that leverages polymeric materials in a range of applications, welcoming high-impact advances made possible with polymers across materials, biology, energy applications, and beyond.

The submission deadline to have your manuscript included is 31st March 2024. To express your interest in contributing to the collection, please contact Jon Ferrier in the editorial office ( When submitting your paper, please quote XXSusAMP24 in Comments to the Editor on submission.

To submit a manuscript to RSC Sustainability:

To submit a manuscript to RSC Applied Polymers:

IUPAC World Congress – Focus Session on A Sustainable Planet and Society

The Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society are jointly organising and sponsoring a Focus Session at the IUPAC World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands, on August 21, titled ‘A Sustainable Planet and Society’.

The 90-minute session (15:10–16:40 Central European Time) will be chaired by Julie Zimmerman (Yale University) and Pete Licence (Nottingham University), and feature talks from

  • Kristopher McNeill (ETH Zurich, Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts) – Working with the chemical industry to improve the environmental fate of their products.
  • Alessandra Quadrelli (CNRS, Associate Editor, Green Chemistry) – The Nitrogen Cycle and the Situated Green Chemistries Framework
  • Jakub Kostal (George Washington University) – Sustainable and Green by Design
  • Walter Leitner (Max Planck Institute) – The full Iife-cycle approach to chemical design, use, disposal, and human and environmental protection

The session will close with a summary and panel discussion led by Paul Anastas (Yale University).

If you’re attending the conference, we hope to see you for this exciting session. Be sure to view the event website for the latest updates:

Attending the event and want to meet us? A number of RSC colleagues are attending the event and will be delighted to meet you in-person (we are at Exhibition Stand #20) – let us know when works for you.

Announcing our themed collection in partnership with 6th EuGSC

The Royal Society of Chemistry is delighted to support the 6th EuChemS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (6th EuGSC) taking place from 3–6 September 2023 in Salerno (Italy).

As part of our partnership with this event, a number of our journals are inviting contributions to a themed collection, which will celebrate both the vibrant and collaborative spirit of the conference, and the contribution green & sustainable chemistry makes to solving global challenges.

This scope of this collection covers the breadth of green & sustainable chemistry, with emphasis on the following areas:

  • Alternative fuels and green energy
  • Benign low-energy chemical processes
  • Biomass and CO2 utilization
  • Green chemistry metrics and environmental assessment
  • Pollution prevention and remediation
  • Sustainable catalytic, industrial and synthetic processes
  • Waste recycling and valorisation and the circular (bio)economy

The following RSC journals are supporting the collection:

  • Catalysis Science & Technology – a multidisciplinary journal focusing on cutting edge research across all fundamental science and technological aspects of catalysis.
  • Green Chemistry – publishes original and significant cutting-edge research that is likely to be of wide general appeal.
  • Reaction Chemistry & Engineering – an interdisciplinary journal bridging the gap between chemistry and chemical engineering.
  • RSC Advances – the largest gold open access journal dedicated to the chemical sciences is at the heart of our global chemistry community.
  • RSC Sustainability – an inclusive journal publishing solutions-focused research dedicated to solving sustainability challenges.

To express an interest in contributing to the collection, please reach out to Jon Ferrier (

We are honoured to support a conference that is well-aligned with the Royal Society of Chemistry’s aims, namely, to highlight chemistry’s role in addressing global challenges and driving progress towards a more sustainable world. You can learn more about our environmental sustainability campaigns, policy and research, and how to get involved, here.