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The impact of fast fashion on the planet is costly. Demand for the mass production of clothing has led to large scale pollution of waterways and danger to wildlife. Chemists are tackling this challenge by creating sustainable alternatives for the fashion industry, and by providing chemical pathways for the upcycling of unusable textiles.

This cross-journal collection is dedicated to innovative approaches to making fashion more sustainable. We are excited to highlight some of our published content that has attracted attention in the field of sustainable fashion and textiles. Many Open Access papers are included in the topic collection, including:


Collection Highlights

Upcycling of textile waste into high added value cellulose porous materials, aerogels and cryogels

RSC Sustain., 2023,1, 335-345




From waste to wearable: an alternative waste stream for unusable textiles turned into piezoelectric textiles

RSC Sustain., 2023,1, 326-334


Charting a path to catalytic upcycling of plastic micro/nano fiber pollution from textiles to produce carbon nanomaterials and turquoise hydrogen

RSC Sustain., 2023,1, 1177-1183


Microbial nanocellulose biotextiles for a circular materials economy

 Environ. Sci.: Adv., 2022,1, 276-284

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