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Sensors & Diagnostics: Open for submissions

Sensors & Diagnostics is now open for submissions

Sensors & Diagnostics publishes critical advances in sensors, sensing devices and systems that apply to monitoring and medical diagnostics.

Advancement for sensors and screening means advancement for many fields of research. We publish sensors research from across the natural sciences – think chemistry, but also physics, biology, engineering, environmental, food and medical research.

This gold open access journal is now open for submissions, and all article processing charges are currently waived.

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Key techniques. Interdisciplinary applications. Open access research

Development of new sensors helps to improve underlying techniques and tools. It can bring about more accurate diagnosis of health conditions, food and environmental monitoring, and interpretation of complex results in real-world conditions.


“I want the journal to educate, engage and encourage by publishing innovative research that will bridge the gap between sensing in the lab and field-based applications.”
Sabine Szunerits, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Sensors & Diagnostics


If your work contains crucial developments in the field of sensors and you want it to be available to all, we want to hear from you.

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Sensors & Diagnostics – The home for innovative research on sensors, sensing devices and systems

Sensors & Diagnostics – The home for innovative research on sensors, sensing devices and systems

With a broad scope covering physical, chemical and bio sensors as well as sensor devices and systems, Sensors & Diagnostics journal will be the Royal Society of Chemistry’s gold open access home for high impact sensors research.

The journal will complement our existing journal Lab on a Chip, allowing it to retain its strong focus on microfluidics and miniaturised devices.

Open for submissions mid-August 2021

Article processing charges are waived until mid-2024

Sabine Szunerits and Xueji Zhang are the co-Editors-in-chief of Sensors & Diagnostics.

To reach a future in which researchers make faster progress, knowledge is shared freely, and collaboration crosses boundaries, there must be more choice about where to publish open access.

Through consultation with active researchers in the community, the Royal Society of Chemistry is expanding our journal portfolio into rapidly growing areas to offer dedicated, open access homes for high quality, interdisciplinary research in these areas.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the launch of this new journal, and we invite you to sign up for the latest editorial board news, scope details and announcements, news and issue alerts.


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