Introducing Dr Ali Yetisen: Leading Expert in Biochemical Sensors Joins Sensors & Diagnostics

Dr Ali Yetisen biochemicla sensors expert and new associate editor of Sensors and Diagnostics

Dr Ali Yetisen, an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, is a prominent figure in the field of chemical engineering and biochemical sensors. Dr Yetisen has established himself as a leader in academia with a strong focus on people-centric research and equal opportunities.

His academic journey began with a Tosteson Fellowship at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, where he gained expertise in biochemical sensors. Now, as the director of the Centre for Biochemical Sensors at Imperial College London, Dr Yetisen leads a diverse team of researchers in pioneering advancements with real-world applications.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Dr Yetisen is a passionate advocate for inclusive research practices. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, he actively promotes networking opportunities and support mechanisms for researchers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Dr Yetisen’s impact extends beyond academia, with over 200 peer-reviewed articles and 80 international talks to his credit. He has also served as a content expert on implant safety for regulatory bodies such as the FDA.

In summary, Dr. Ali Yetisen’s journey exemplifies resilience, intellect, and a commitment to excellence. Through his ground-breaking research and advocacy efforts, he continues to shape the future of biochemical sensing and inspire positive change within the scientific community.

Join us in welcoming Dr Ali Yetisen to the Sensors & Diagnostics Editorial Board! We are thrilled and honoured to have his expertise onboard.

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