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Welcome to the inaugural issue of RSC Applied Interfaces.

Our first issue features cutting edge research from around the globe and an editorial from our editor-in-chief, Federico Rosei.

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Our first issue includes:

Introducing RSC Applied Interfaces

Federico Rosei
RSC Appl. Interfaces, 2024, 1, 9-10.

The role of ceria/precious metal interfaces in catalysis

Michele Melchionna and Paolo Fornasiero
RSC Appl. Interfaces, 2024, 1, 70-79.

Bias switchable narrowband/broadband NIR organic photodetector fabricated with a scalable technique

Lai-Hung Lai, Wei-Hsiang Lin, Chin-Chuan Hsieh and Maria Antonietta Loi
RSC Appl. Interfaces, 2024, 1, 122-132.

Understanding improved capacity retention at 4.3 V in modified single crystal Ni-rich NMC//graphite pouch cells at elevated temperature

Galo J. Páez Fajardo, Meltiani Belekoukia, Satish Bolloju, Eleni Fiamegkou, Ashok S. Menon, Zachary Ruff, Zonghao Shen, Nickil Shah, Erik Björklund, Mateusz Jan Zuba, Tien-Lin Lee, Pardeep K. Thakur, Robert S. Weatherup, Ainara Aguadero, Melanie J. Loveridge, Clare P. Grey and Louis F. J. Piper
RSC Appl. Interfaces, 2024, 1, 133-146.

Developing 3D computational models to capture the spatial, temporal and thermal behavior as laser beams propagate through photo-thermally responsive gels

Victor V. Yashin, Fariha Mahmood, Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu and Anna C. Balazs
RSC Appl. Interfaces, 2024, 1, 183-193.

Interactions between liquid ammonia and graphitic materials

Cheng-Wei Lin, Zhiyin Yang, Ailun Huang, Xueying Chang, Chenxiang Wang, Fan Yang, Chen Wei, Markus Thiel, Yuto Katsuyama, Lihua Jin, David Jassby and Richard B. Kaner
RSC Appl. Interfaces, 2024, 1, 194-205.

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