Meet our new Advisory Board members

We are delighted to introduce to Dr Federico Pallotino and Professor Bhesh Bhandari.


The Sustainable Food Technology Advisory Board is made up of outstanding researchers focused on cutting-edge strategies for food production, contributing to the journal as reviewers and writers, providing strategic feedback, and acting as community advocates. Learn more about our entire Editorial and Advisory Boards on our website and get to know Dr. Pallotino and Prof Bhandari below!


Meet our new Advisory Board members:


Picture of Professor Bhesh Bhandari

Prof. Bhandari is a Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia. His research focuses on food materials science/engineering, including microencapsulation of food ingredients, glass transition-related issues in food processing, and 3D printing of food materials. Professor Bhandari is a Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST), the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), and the Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association (NEFOSTA). Prof Bhandari has authored over 500 papers, including nine co-edited books and forty book chapters (H-index of 97-Google Scholar).
Prof Bhandari is on the top 1% of highly cited researchers listed by Web of Science for the last four years and has been listed as a lead food scientist in Australia.
Prof. Bhandari is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Foods and Editor of the Journal of Food Engineering.




Dr. Pallotino has been a permanent researcher since 2017 and a Senior researcher at the same institution since 2021.
He is the winner and co-author of the Award for Best Research Published by CREA Staff in 2011. In 2010 he was awarded with the Young Researchers Award at the III National Conference of the Italian Society of Sensory Sciences in Naples. He has collaborated with many other journals and governmental projects.
His research regards applications of digital engineering technologies and numerical methodologies in biosystems, agri-food, and agro-industrial (ICT, imaging, RFiD, spectrometry, proximal sensing, thermography, inferential or predictive multivariate modeling, electronics, and open-source software). It is also about digital and precision agriculture applications. In addition, he works on sensors for pre- and post-harvesting products characterization and rapid and non-destructive techniques for the analysis and certification of aspects of a product.


Please join us in welcoming all of our new Advisory Board members to Sustainable Food Technology!

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