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Associate Editor Spotlight – Susan Habas

How do we discover new energy solutions? EES Catalysis delivers the same impact and influence that researchers associate with our Energy & Environmental Science brand. As a multidisciplinary platform, the journal covers catalysis in all subject areas like chemistry, materials science and engineering. At its core, EES Catalysis aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) – to ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all.

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Editor Spotlight: Susan Habas

Susan Habas, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, is one of our Associate Editors handling the peer review of submitted manuscripts. Her research has focused on developing new catalyst materials with tailored active sites and understanding the evolution of these sites under realistic operating conditions. The growing importance of translating innovative catalytic technologies for renewable products to industry, highlights the need for this level of understanding in scalable catalyst materials and integrated systems. In her opinion, designing catalysts that can be readily incorporated into real systems, and understanding and mitigating catalyst deactivation in the presence of common contaminants, will help accelerate adoption of these new technologies.

As such, she is always excited to handle papers that address the design of new materials for thermocatalytic and electrocatalytic applications, as well as multi-scale characterization of integrated catalytic systems for the journal. Her vision is that EES Catalysis becomes the go-to source for fundamental studies that enable the transition to applied catalysis.

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