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We are delighted to share with you a hand-picked selection of papers recently published in Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology (ESWRT).

HOT papers – as recommended by our referees

Low-cost desalination of seawater and hypersaline brine using nanophotonics enhanced solar energy membrane distillation
Ibrahim A. Said et al

Landfill leachate contributes per-/poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and pharmaceuticals to municipal wastewater
Jason R. Masoner et al

Insight into ferrihydrite effects on methanogenesis in UASB reactors treating high sulfate wastewater: reactor performance and microbial community
Zhen Jin et al

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Reviews – timely and insightful overviews of water research and technologies

The forest or the trees: a critical review on the analysis of total organic halogen (TOX) in drinking waters and its utility as a water quality parameter
Ina Kristiana et al

Magnetic scaffolds in oil spill applications
Baljeet Singh et al

Biochar-augmented biofilters to improve pollutant removal from stormwater – can they improve receiving water quality? (Open Access)Alexandria B. Boehm et al

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Open Access – read for free!

Chemical regeneration of granular activated carbon: preliminary evaluation of alternative regenerant solutions
Amanda Larasati et al

Microbiological water quality in a decentralized Arctic drinking water system
Stephanie L. Gora et al

Exploring resource recovery potentials for the aerobic granular sludge process by mass and energy balances – energy, biopolymer and phosphorous recovery from municipal wastewater
Philipp Kehrein et al

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We hope you enjoy reading these papers, and we welcome your future submissions to the journal.


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