Environmental Science: Atmospheres – Bioaerosols Themed Collection Now Online

We are delighted to announce that the Environmental Science: Atmospheres themed issue Bioaerosols: detection, transport and risk assessment is now online.


In this gold open-access themed collection, we focus on bioaerosols, which are airborne particles that are living or originate from living organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and pollen.


Guest edited by Cindy Morris (INRAE, Avignon), Xialoe Zhang (ETH Zurich), Malin Alvsed (Lund University) and Joshua Santarpia (University of Nebraska Medical Center) this collection focuses on how bioaerosols can have significant impacts on human health, agriculture and ecoystems.


Read the full issue online

It includes:

Resolving the controls over the production and emission of ice-nucleating particles in sea spray

Thomas C. J. Hill, Francesca Malfatti, Christina S. McCluskey, Gregory P. Schill, Mitchell V. Santander, Kathryn A. Moore, Anne Marie Rauker, Russell J. Perkins, Mauro Celussi, Ezra J. T. Levin, Kaitlyn J. Suski, Gavin C. Cornwell, Christopher Lee, Paola Del Negro, Sonia M. Kreidenweis, Kimberly A. Prather and Paul J. DeMott

Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2023, Advance Article, DOI: 10.1039/D2EA00154C


Assessing the efficiency of water-soluble organic compound biodegradation in clouds under various environmental conditions

Lucas Pailler, Nolwenn Wirgot, Muriel Joly, Pascal Renard, Camille Mouchel-Vallon, Angelica Bianco, Maud Leriche, Martine Sancelme, Aurélie Job, Luc Patryl, Patrick Armand, Anne-Marie Delort, Nadine Chaumerliac and Laurent Deguillaume

Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2023,3, 731-748, DOI: 10.1039/D2EA00153E

Drone-based particle monitoring above two harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the USA

Landon Bilyeu, Bryan Bloomfield, Regina Hanlon, Javier González-Rocha, Stephen J. Jacquemin, Andrew P. Ault, Johnna A. Birbeck, Judy A. Westrick, Hosein Foroutan, Shane D. Ross, Craig W. Powers and David G. Schmale

Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2022,2, 1351-1363, DOI: 10.1039/D2EA00055E

Emission of primary bioaerosol particles from Baltic seawater

Gabriel P. Freitas, Christian Stolle, Paul H. Kaye, Warren Stanley, Daniel P. R. Herlemann, Matthew Edward Salter and Paul Zieger

Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2022,2, 1170-1182, DOI: 10.1039/D2EA00047D

Characterization of single fungal aerosol particles in a reactive atmospheric environment using time-resolved optical trapping-Raman spectroscopy (OT-RS)

Yukai Ai, Chuji Wang, Yong-Le Pan and Gorden Videen

Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2022,2, 591-600, DOI: 10.1039/D2EA00030J

Speech-generated aerosol settling times and viral viability can improve COVID-19 transmission prediction

Alan Y. Gu, Yanzhe Zhu, Jing Li and Michael R. Hoffmann

Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2022,2, 34-45, DOI: 10.1039/D1EA00013F

We hope that you enjoy reading this collection of articles. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this themed collection or want to contribute to the growing work on bioaerosols.