Environmental Science: Atmospheres is an international and collaborative journal

Environmental Science: Atmospheres is an international and collaborative journal

Collaborations are becoming increasingly important for the atmospheric sciences. Atmospheric chemistry doesn’t recognize boundaries, requiring interactions from researchers from different disciplines and different backgrounds to address research challenges. As an international journal, Environmental Science: Atmospheres believes that international research enables us to publish and disseminate research findings to different populations, cultures, and regions. Collaborative research is the cornerstone for developing strong relationships and solving global challenges in the atmospheric sciences.

We are delighted to be sharing with you a selection of international and collaborative work published in the journal:

Determination and analysis of time series of CFC-11 (CCl3F) from FTIR solar spectra, in situ observations, and model data in the past 20 years above Jungfraujoch (46°N), Lauder (45°S), and Cape Grim (40°S) stations

Irene Pardo Cantos, Emmanuel Mahieu, Martyn P. Chipperfield, Dan Smale, James W. Hannigan, Marina Friedrich, Paul Fraser, Paul Krummel, Maxime Prignon, Jamal Makkor, Christian Servais and John Robinson

Quantifying the impact of relative humidity on human exposure to gas phase squalene ozonolysis products

Pascale S. J. Lakey, Andreas Zuend, Glenn C. Morrison, Thomas Berkemeier, Jake Wilson, Caleb Arata, Allen H. Goldstein, Kevin R. Wilson, Nijing Wang, Jonathan Williams, Jonathan P. D. Abbatt and Manabu Shiraiwa

Emission of primary bioaerosol particles from Baltic seawater

 Gabriel P. Freitas, Christian Stolle, Paul H. Kaye, Warren Stanley, Daniel P. R. Herlemann, Matthew Edward Salter and Paul Zieger

Precursor apportionment of atmospheric oxygenated organic molecules using a machine learning method

 Xiaohui Qiao, Xiaoxiao Li, Chao Yun, Nina Sarnela, Rujing Yin, Yishuo Guo, Lei Yao, Wei Nie, Dandan Huang, Zhe Wang, Federico Bianchi, Yongchun Liu, Neil M. Donahue, Markku Kulmala and Jingkun Jiang

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