Research Infographic: Ferrihydrite: An Excellent Ice Nucleation Particle

We are pleased to present this research infographic explaining the importance of ice formation in the atmosphere. An article on this topic was published in Issue 3 of Environmental Science: Atmospheres, where it can be read in full: Ice nucleation imaged with X-ray spectro-microscopy.

The paper describes a new X-ray technique that can be used to probe and monitor individual ice nucleation particles, around which larger ice crystals can form. The technique allows the authors to identify distinct components within the particle, such as minerals and organic compounds and brings new understanding  and more accurate prediction of ice nucleation and cloud formation.

Peter A. Alpert, Anthony Boucly, Shuo Yang, Huanyu Yang, Kevin Kilchhofer, Zhaochu Luo, Celestino Padeste, Simone Finizio, Markus Ammann and Benjamin Watts, Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2022, 2, 335-351