Research Infographic- Breathe Easy: Indoor Transport and Mitigation of PM2.5

We are pleased to share this infographic explaining the sources and methods of mitigating the effects of particulate matter in indoor domestic environments. An article on this topic was published in Issue 4 of Environmental Science: Atmospheres, where it can be read in full: Assessment of PM2.5 concentrations, transport, and mitigation in indoor environments using low-cost air quality monitors and a portable air cleaner.

Key findings showed that low-cost air quality monitors performed well when monitoring background air quality, but could sometimes overestimate particulate matter content when a source was actively emitting it. Depending on the layout of the home and whether doors were kept closed, particulate matter from cooking could travel from the kitchen to the bedroom in 0-45 mins, but was 30% lower in concentration when it arrived. Filtration methods to remove particulate matter proved more effective when placed closer to the source of emission.

Sumit Sankhyan, Julia K. Witteman, Steven Coyan, Sameer Patel and Marina E. Vance, Environ. Sci.: Atmos., 2022, 2, 647-658