Transparency and openness at Environmental Science: Atmospheres

The Royal Society of Chemistry is proud of its reputation for rigorous peer review and we take this one step further at Environmental Science: Atmospheres to offer fully transparent peer review; where readers can see how the paper has progressed from submission to acceptance. By publishing the editor’s decision letter, reviewers’ comments and authors’ response for all versions of the manuscript, readers know they can trust in the high-quality science that is being published in our journal.

Take a look at these recent articles in Environmental Science: Atmospheres that have been published with transparent peer review:

The surface composition of amino acid – halide salt solutions is pH-dependent by Isaak Unger, Carl Caleman, Olle Björneholm et al.

Evaluating SOA formation from different sources of semi- and intermediate-volatility organic compounds from the Athabasca oil sands by Patrick L. Hayes et al.

What controls the observed size-dependency of the growth rates of sub-10 nm atmospheric particles? by Jenni Kontkanen et al.

Environmental Science: Atmospheres is also a gold open access journal and so every article that we publish is completely free-to-read and easy to access. Our article processing charges (APCs) are waived until mid 2023 so now is the best time to submit your paper for maximum visibility with no cost to you.

With transparency and openness as core values, Environmental Science: Atmospheres is a journal that encourages research integrity, reproducibility and collaboration in the atmospheric science community. We hope you will consider choosing transparent peer review in your next submission.

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