Hot Article: Intercalation catalysts

Shogo Shimazu and colleagues from Chiba University in Japan have made a novel anionic D-valine–Pd(II) complex, which they then intercalated into a NiZn interlayer as an active species for aerobic alcohol oxidation. To create a more efficient heterogeneous catalyst, the team added a Brønsted basic PO43- anion into the NiZn interlayer along with the anionic D-valine–Pd(II) complex. Find how how effecient the resulting catalyst is by reading Shimazu’s recently published Hot Article – free to access until the 16th September.

An anionic D-valine–palladium(II) complex supported on a hydroxy double salt with a Brønsted basic phosphate anion: application for a heterogeneous catalyst toward aerobic alcohol oxidation
Takayoshi Hara, Junya Sawada, Yoshio Nakamura, Nobuyuki Ichikuni and Shogo Shimazu
Catal. Sci. Technol., 2011, DOI: 10.1039/C1CY00223F

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