Webinar 2: What does the future hold? Watch the recording

We will explore ongoing and planned initiatives developing standards and tools, research infrastructures, and cultures to support FAIR chemistry data as well as its preparation, publication, and reuse.

Webinar 2: What does the future hold?

Held on 17 November 2023 – recording available on-demand. Register now to watch the recording  


Lynn Kamerlin
“Data explosion in chemistry: what are we going to do with all the data, and what will it do to us?” SLIDES
Lynn Kamerlin
Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Vasser Woolley Chair in Molecular Design, Georgia Tech

“Will an AI win a chemistry Nobel Prize and replace us?” SLIDES
Simon Coles
Professor of Structural Chemistry, University of Southampton

Anna Rulka
“Data sharing at the RSC” SLIDES
May Copsey
Executive Editor, Chemical Science, RSC
Anna Rulka
Executive Editor, Digital Discovery, RSC

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