Focus on: Wetting and dewetting of surfaces

Soft Matter CoverA collection of articles published in Soft Matter on the wetting and dewetting of surfaces.


Some thoughts on superhydrophobic wetting
Christian Dorrer and Jürgen Rühe
Soft Matter, 2009, 5, 51-61 
Diversity of structure, morphology and wetting of plant surfaces
Kerstin Koch, Bharat Bhushan and Wilhelm Barthlott
Soft Matter, 2008, 4, 1943-1963 
Progess in superhydrophobic surface development
Paul Roach, Neil J. Shirtcliffe and Michael I. Newton
Soft Matter, 2008, 4, 224-240 
Wetting and anti-wetting on aligned carbon nanotube films
Huan Liu, Jin Zhai and Lei Jiang
Soft Matter, 2006, 2, 811-821 
On water repellency
Mathilde Callies and David Quéré
Soft Matter, 2005, 1, 55-61 



Approaches in wetting phenomena
Rafael Tadmor
Soft Matter, 2011, Advance Article 
Bio-inspired slanted polymer nanohairs for anisotropic wetting and directional dry adhesion
Moon Kyu Kwak, Hoon-Eui Jeong, Tae-il Kim, Hyunsik Yoon and Kahp Y. Suh
Soft Matter, 2010, 6, 1849-1857 
Immersed superhydrophobic surfaces: Gas exchange, slip and drag reduction properties
Glen McHale, Michael I. Newton and Neil J. Shirtcliffe
Soft Matter, 2010, 6, 714-719
From themed issue Emerging themes in soft matter: responsive and active soft materials 
The interface in demixed colloid–polymer systems: wetting, waves and droplets
Dirk G. A. L. Aarts
Soft Matter, 2007, 3, 19-23

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