Metallomics Poster Prize: International Congress on Analytical Proteomics, Sao Paolo, Brazil

We are pleased to announce that the Metallomics Poster Prize from the recent International Congress on Analytical Proteomics held in Sao Paolo, Brazil has been awarded to Lidiane Mataveli from Adolfo Lutz Institute, Brazil.

Metallomics Poster Prize Winner: Lidiane Mataveli

Lidiane is a Scientific Researcher in the Inorganic Contaminants Laboratory from the Adolfo Lutz Institute, Brazil. Recently, finished her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Campinas, Brazil, advised by Prof. Dr. Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda. Her principal aim was to enlarge metallomics information when considering transgenic and non-transgenic soybean seeds. The first steps of her research were performed in the Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique Bio-inorganique et Environnement (LCABIE), in Pau, France, where transgenic and non-transgenic soybean seeds were compared in terms of total element concentrations, behavior of elements during sequential extraction fractionation and element bioaccessibility. As results, published at Metallomics in 2010, statistically significant differences in concentrations of certain metals were found between the samples.

Subsequently, studies were continued in Brazil, using 2D-HPLC-ICP-MS, the first dimension consisting of size exclusion chromatography and the second dimension of anion exchange chromatography. The metal containing fractions separated were taken to the mass spectrometer for protein identification. This part of her work, published in Metallomics in 2012, showed that among the 33 proteins identified, two were previously related to metals. The last step of her research consisted in the implementation of a third separation dimension using SDS-PAGE, where the bands were cut out to check metals content and to identify the proteins, correlating both of the results. In this part of her research, for which she won the Metallomics Poster Prize in the 3rd ICAP, the number of proteins associated to metals was higher, associated to metals were identified, 7 in total, demonstrating the complementarity of the separation techniques.

Congratulations to Lidiane for her winning poster!

Professor Marco Arruda receiving the Metallomics Poster Prize from Editorial Board Chair, Wolfgang Maret, on behalf of Lidiane Mataveli

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