Materials Horizons 10th Anniversary Cover


As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations, a special cover image was created based on your votes for the best 10 covers from the last 10 years.


Ultrasonication-switched formation of dice- and cubic-shaped fullerene crystals and their applications as catalyst supports for methanol oxidation
Ying Xu, Xiang Chen, Fupin Liu, Xi Chen, Jianhe Guo and Shangfeng Yang  


Versatile third components for efficient and stable organic solar cells
Pei Cheng and Xiaowei Zhan


Mechanical meta-materials

Amir A. Zadpoor


A new class of chiral semiconductors: chiral-organic-molecule-incorporating organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites
Jihoon Ahn, Eunsong Lee, Jeiwan Tan, Wooseok Yang, Bokyung Kim and Jooho Moon


PLUS-M: a Porous Liquid-metal enabled Ubiquitous Soft Material

Hongzhang Wang, Bo Yuan, Shuting Liang, Rui Guo, Wei Rao, Xuelin Wang, Hao Chang, Yujie Ding, Jing Liu and Lei Wang


Seamless interconnections of sp2-bonded carbon nanostructures via the crystallization of a bridging amorphous carbon joint
Longze Zhao, Yong Cheng, Qiaobao Zhang and Ming-Sheng Wang


Air-stable means more: designing air-defendable lithium metals for safe and stable batteries
Jingyi Wu, Lixia Yuan, Zhen Li, Xiaolin Xie and Yunhui Huang


Tilt and shift polymorphism in molecular perovskites
Stefan Burger, Shivani Grover, Keith T. Butler, Hanna L. B. Boström, Ricardo Grau-Crespo and Gregor Kieslich

image created by Dr Johannes Richers (Jo Richers Studio)


Semi-paracrystallinity in semi-conducting polymers
Sara Marina, Edgar Gutierrez-Fernandez, Junkal Gutierrez, Marco Gobbi, Nicolás Ramos, Eduardo Solano, Jeromy Rech, Wei You, Luis Hueso, Agnieszka Tercjak, Harald Ade and Jaime Martin


Physical crosslinked hydrogel-derived smart windows: anti-freezing and fast thermal responsive performance
Gang Li, Jiwei Chen, Zhaonan Yan, Shancheng Wang, Yujie Ke, Wei Luo, Huiru Ma, Jianguo Guan and Yi Long

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