Dr Matthias Degroote Joins the Editorial Board of Digital Discovery!


We are thrilled to announce that Dr Matthias Degroote, a leading expert in quantum chemistry and quantum computing, has joined the editorial board of Digital Discovery. Dr Degroote’s experience and research in the application of quantum computers in drug design will bring great insights and expertise to our journal.

Dr Matthias Degroote is currently investigating the application of quantum computers in drug design at Boehringer Ingelheim. His expertise spans both classical and quantum computing approaches to the quantum many-body problem.

Matthias earned his PhD in physics from Ghent University, where his research focused on Green’s functions. His academic journey continued with postdoctoral research in method development at Ghent University and Rice University. Since 2018, his research has concentrated on the field of quantum computing. He has held prestigious postdoctoral positions at both Harvard University and the University of Toronto.

Dr Degroote’s work at the intersection of quantum computing and drug design is pioneering. By leveraging quantum computers, he aims to revolutionize the drug design process, making it more efficient and effective. His unique approach and innovative research are expected to bring fresh perspectives to Digital Discovery, enhancing the quality and scope of our publications.

We invite the scientific community to join us in welcoming Dr Matthias Degroote to the editorial board of Digital Discovery. His expertise will significantly contribute to our mission of publishing cutting-edge research in digital and computational sciences.

We look forward to your contributions and to the exciting developments that lie ahead with Dr Degroote on board!

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