NENCS 2017 Poster Prize Winners!

The International Symposium on Novel Energy Nanomaterials, Catalysts and Surfaces for Future Earth took place in Tokyo, Japan between 28-30 October.

The international symposium was inspired in response to growing calls for a scientific platform for the global community of researchers active in materials research, characterization/imaging with synchrotron radiation in situ/operando XAFS, and X-ray based techniques (CT, TXM, AP-HAXPES, RIXS, XRD, etc.), to meet, share, and discuss their latest discoveries in these critical and rapidly evolving disciplines.

The Royal Society of Chemistry sponsored the event by providing poster prizes to a selection of the winning abstract submissions. The winners of the RSC poster prizes were:

Catalysis Science & Technology Prize
Shinobu Takao In situ Visualization of Platinum Chemical Species in a Nano Fuel-cell”
Energy & Environmental Science Prize
Yuanyuan Tan “3D-Visualization of Pt and Co Segregations in Pt3Co Cathode Catalyst Layer by Operando XAFS-CT Imaging”
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Prize
Saki Ozawa “Kinetics and Reaction Mechanism of Oxidation Processes on Pt/C and Pt3Co/C Cathode Catalysts Studied by Operando Time-resolved QXAFS”
Sustainable Energy & Fuels Prize
Gabor Samjeské “Relationship between Electrochemical CV and in situ Real-time XAFS Relevant to the ORR Performance and Degradation of a Pt/C Cathode Catalyst in PEFC”
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