Sustainable Energy & Fuels is open for submissions

Sustainable Energy & Fuels will publish research that contributes to the development of sustainable energy technologies with a particular emphasis on new and next-generation technologies. All submitted manuscripts will be handled by our international team of Associate Editors, which we are delighted to introduce below.

Ryu Abe, Kyoto University, Japan

Professor Abe’s research focuses on the development of photocatalytic reactions over semiconductor materials for solar energy conversion and environmental purification. His expertise includes photocatalysis, semiconductiors, inorganic materials, metal oxides, materials aspects of electrocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis, and some aspects of battery technologies.

Vincent Artero, Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, CEA, France
Professor Artero works to develop bio-inspired catalysts and light-driven systems for hydrogen evolution and artificial photosynthesis. He has expertise in molecular and bio aspects of electrocatalysis, photocatalysis and related organometallic and inorganic chemistry.

Garry Rumbles, National Research Energy Laboratory and University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Dr. Rumbles’ current research interests are in solar energy with a focus on the basic science of solar photoconversion processes and photoinduced electron transfer processes in polymer-based nanostructured interfaces. His primary research expertise lies in photochemistry and photophysics, with a specialty in kinetics, as well as organics, photovoltaics, solar fuels (oxides too), photochemistry and physical chemistry.

Marta Sevilla, Instituto Nacional del Carbón – CSIC, Spain
Dr Sevilla is based at the Instituto Nacional del Carbón and has research expertise in supercapacitors, electroreduction reaction, hydrogen oxidation in the anode, carbon capture and storage.


Send us your high quality research today for the chance to be included in our high-profile first issue, available online in spring 2017 with advance articles publishing as early as December this year. Find out more.

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