International Conference on Metals and Genetics 2011 (ICMG2011)

The 5th International Conference on Metals and Genetics was recently held in Kobe, Japan.

Kobe city view

The list of speakers was certainly impressive and the conference included presentations on copper metabolic disease from Professor Hiroko Kodama, zinc metabolic disease from Metallomics author Toshiyuki Fukada and Metallomics Advisory Board member Wolfgang Maret.

David Brown from the University of Bath was one of the speakers who presented work on neurological aspects of metals and Metallomics Editorial Board members Yasumitsu Ogra and Ryszard Lobinski were amonsgt the speakers who presented work on Metallomics and genetic disease.

Keynote lectures were given by Professor Eve Roberts from the University of Toronto, who spoke about metalloproteomics of copper-binding proteins and Professor Yasuyoshi Watanabe, Director of RIKEN Center for Molecular Imaging Science who highlighted many exciting new developments from the Center.

Read a selection of these authors work in Metallomics:

The puzzle posed by COMMD1, a newly discovered protein binding Cu(II)
Bibudhendra Sarkar and Eve A. Roberts
Metallomics, 2011, 3, 20-27

Cytosolic zinc buffering and muffling: Their role in intracellularzinc homeostasis
Robert A. Colvin, William R. Holmes, Charles P. Fontaine and Wolfgang Maret
Metallomics, 2010, 2, 306-317

Roles of copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase 1 and metallothionein in copper homeostasis
Takamitsu Miyayama, Yudai Ishizuka, Tomomi Iijima, Daisuke Hiraoka and Yasumitsu Ogra
Metallomics, 2011, 3, 693-701

Prions and manganese: A maddening beast
David R. Brown
Metallomics, 2011, 3, 229-238

ICMG 2011 - Dinner in Kobe

Metallomics Advisory Board member Jose Luis Gomez-Ariza, author Toshiyuki Fukada, Chem Soc Rev Editorial Board member Zijian Guo and Metallomics Editor May Copsey enjoy dinner in Kobe

The range and quality of the presentations throughout the conference certainly demonstrated how this new Metallomics community is thriving in Japan. Watch out for a themed issue in Metallomics from this conference early next year!

For other great articles from Japanese authors, read our “Metallomics in Japan” themed issue, which provides a great snapshot of the development of our exciting new community in Japan!

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