A HOT Frontier article: the mechanobiology of human pluripotent stem cells

The promise of human pluripotent stem cells in disease treatment, drug screens and regenerative medicine remains an exciting area of biological research, with new technologies and techniques helping to increase our understanding. The intracellular signalling processes and the extracellular conditions have always been HOT areas of research, but the mechanobiology influencing these pathways and reacting to these conditions is often overlooked.

stem cells, mechanobiologyIn this Frontier, Yubing Sun and Jianping Fu at the University of Michigan provide a discussion of the links currently being made between mechanobiology and the function of stem cells. They argue that understanding the sensitivity and reaction of hPSCs to stimuli in their environment is vital and that knowledge of the mechano-sensitive and mechano-responsive properties is central to that understanding.

Frontier articles are short reviews that focus on only the most recent research. This one includes:

  1. The role of cell adhesion molecules
  2. Influence of rigid and soft extracellular matrix
  3. Controllable mechanical forces
  4. Dissociation-induced apoptosis
  5. Innovative technologies and techniques

This Frontier is a fascinating read and it’s now free to access for the next 4 weeks*. Read it now by clicking the link:

Mechanobiology: a new frontier for human pluripotent stem cells
Yubing Sun and Jianping Fu
DOI: 10.1039/C2IB20256E

*Free access to individuals is provided through an RSC Publishing personal account. Registration is quick, free and simple

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  1. […] Fu at the University of Michigan on mechanobiology and stem cells, which was also featured in a recent blog post. They highlight just how vital understanding of the mechano-sensitive properties of stem cells is […]

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