Issue 10 – tissue morphogenesis, natural killer cells and the NDRG4 gene

This month’s issue features work from Wesley Legant, Christopher Chen and Viola Vogel on the front cover.

The article uses microfabricated tissue gauges and Foerster Radius Energy Transfer (FRET) labeled biosensors to investigate the fibronectin assembly and matrix remodeling in a 3D microtissue model of tissue morphogenesis.

Force-induced fibronectin assembly and matrix remodeling in a 3D microtissue model of tissue morphogenesis
Wesley R. Legant, Christopher S. Chen and Viola Vogel
DOI: 10.1039/C2IB20059G

On the inside front cover, work from the USA is featured. In their article, Christopher Love and colleagues from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard discuss their use of nanowells to monitor individual NK cell–target cell interactions.

Amongst other things, they found that lysis is most likely during an NK cell’s first encounter with a target.

Single-cell analysis of the dynamics and functional outcomes of interactions between human natural killer cells and target cells
Yvonne J. Yamanaka, Christoph T. Berger, Magdalena Sips, Patrick C. Cheney, Galit Alter and J. Christopher Love
DOI: 10.1039/C2IB20167D

The back cover this month features work from Dennis Hallahan, Jerry Jaboin and co-workers. In their article, they show that the down regulation of NDRG4 mRNA and protein expression in two aggressive cancer cell lines resulted in reduced cell survival, DNA fragmentation and G2-M cell cycle arrest.

The authors state the gene ‘may play a valuable role as a molecular target in [the] treatment’ of meningioma.

NDRG4, the N-Myc downstream regulated gene, is important for cell survival, tumor invasion and angiogenesis in meningiomas
Rama P. Kotipatruni, Daniel J. Ferraro, Xuan Ren, Robert P. Vanderwaal, Dinesh K. Thotala, Dennis E. Hallahan and Jerry J. Jaboin
DOI: 10.1039/C2IB20168B

The issue also includes a review from Jun Hu, Chunhai Fan and co-workers on nanomaterials-assisted PCR (nanoPCR) strategies, and their potential applications in genetic analysis (particularly gene typing and haplotyping) and diagnostics:

Genetic analysis with nanoPCR
Dun Pan, Lijuan Mi, Qing Huang, Jun Hu and Chunhai Fan
DOI: 10.1039/C2IB20076G

Read the rest of the issue here. Cover articles are free* to access for 6 weeks!

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