Integrative Biology issue 4 online – in honor of Mina J. Bissell

This latest issue of Integrative Biology celebrates the contribution of our Chair Mina J. Bissell to the field of cancer research.  The articles included in this issue showcase new methodological advances that increase our understanding of the complex way in which cancer cells interact to disrupt normal tissue function.

Associate Editor and Board Member Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff introduces the issue and highlights some of the great research included – read her Editorial online here.

The issue also contains contributions from IBiology Board Members Doug Lauffenburger and David Beebe, as well as HOT articles from Vidyanand Nanjundiah, Roya Khosravi-Far and Jonathan Tang – whose article was highlighted recently in Chemistry World and features on the front cover.

HOT articles in this themed issue:

Social selection and the evolution of cooperative groups: The example of the cellular slime moulds
Vidyanand Nanjundiaha and Santosh Satheb
Integr. Biol., 2011, 3, 329-342

Proteolytic Activity Matrix Analysis (PrAMA) for simultaneous determination of multiple protease activities
Miles A. Miller, Layla Barkal, Karen Jeng, Andreas Herrlich, Marcia Moss, Linda G. Griffith and Douglas A. Lauffenburger
Integr. Biol., 2011, 3, 422-438

Apoptotic cell signaling in cancer progression and therapy
Jessica Plati, Octavian Bucur and Roya Khosravi-Far
Integr. Biol., 2011, 3, 279-296

Phenotypic transition maps of 3D breast acini obtained by imaging-guided agent-based modeling
Jonathan Tang, Heiko Enderling, Sabine Becker-Weimann, Christopher Pham, Aris Polyzos, Chen-Yi Chen and Sylvain V. Costes
Integr. Biol., 2011, 3, 408-421

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